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Salt and Summertime

As the weather gets warmer, any activity can make you sweat. Perspiration is not just a nuisance. It can also cause a loss of sodium from your body. Sodium loss can affect how your body functions. Low sodium levels can cause grogginess, dizziness, and general weakness.

You can lose up to 100 mg of sodium in a single hour of strenuous activity, especially on a warm day. To help prevent dehydration, sip water throughout the day and during exercise. Don't wait until the end of your workout to drink. Try to replenish your system with healthy sources of sodium. Avoid high-sodium processed foods, but do eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, low-sodium crackers, and low-fat yogurt. 

If you feel dehydrated, stop your activity and find a place to cool down. Drinking fruit juice, vegetable juice, or drinks containing electrolytes are good ways to restore the balance of sodium and water in your body. 

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