Practice Good Health Habits Starting Now

A study by the UCLA School of Public Health tracked 7000 men and women for more than 30 years. Those who had poor health habits doubled their risk of dying early, and increased their chances of suffering from disabilities later in life.

So what is the key to adding years to your life? They are surprisingly simple. Practice these seven good health habits to increase your chances for a long and healthy life.

1. Eat a nourishing breakfast every day.

2. Don’t snack between meals.

3. Exercise regularly.

4. Sleep seven to eight hours every night.

5. Maintain a proper weight and eat a healthy diet.

6. Don’t smoke.

7. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

At West Oaks Apartments in San Antonio, Texas, we believe it’s important to live life vigorously. In order to do so, you must educate yourself regularly with lifestyle-enhancing tips such as these. With this blog post, we seek to improve your way of life through education that promotes self-care.

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