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A Smarter Way to Snack

Many people believe that eating between meals is a bad idea, but snacking is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is important, however, to make wise choices when it comes to snacks. A common snacking myth is that snacks between meals can ruin your appetite. Some people won’t snack because they think they will be full at the next mealtime. On the contrary, you often will be so starved that you will overeat during meals. This can lead to a slowing of your metabolism. You will also tend to make poorer food choices since you are so hungry. Snacking between meals can take off the edge and allow you to enjoy your main meals.

Another common mistake people make is only eating junk food as snacks. If you do this, then, of course, snacking is not making your healthier. But anything can be a snack, so choose wisely. Avoid processed or packaged foods or foods high in fat. Whole grains, fruits, and veggies are good choices. You can also snack on lean meats, like turkey, or low-fat cheeses.

Finally, many people believe that finding healthy snacks can be an inconvenience. This can lead to snacking only on junk food, which is readily available and easy to carry. But with a little planning, you can have a good selection of healthy foods during the day. Keep several types of non-perishable healthy foods with you when you head out of the house. A snack bag loaded with crackers, peanut butter, granola bars, water, and string cheese can get you through the day without reaching for the chips, candy, or sodas.

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