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Traveling With Your Pet

When traveling with your pet, you need to take some extra precautions to make sure you both reach your travel destination safely. These simple steps can help make it an enjoyable journey for you and your animal.

Make sure to get your pet a check-up by your veterinarian before beginning your trip. Your pet should have all current vaccinations and should have a general good state of health before traveling.
Be sure to use the proper carrier for your pet, even when traveling by car. Most airlines have specific regulations on the type of carrier needed. When traveling by car, don't assume your dog will be most comfortable in the open passenger compartment of your vehicle. It can be reassuring to a dog to have a sturdy carrier to sleep and rest in, and can provide some protection in the event of an accident or a sudden stop.

Be sure that during stops and breaks, you have your pet properly restrained. A dog or cat can escape very quickly in an unfamiliar place or can run into traffic. Properly leash your dog before opening the door or releasing him or her from the carrier. 

If your pet is prone to travel sickness, discuss this with your veterinarian. He or she may recommend motion sickness medication.

Do not leave your pet unattended in a hot car. Windows should be left slightly open to provide for fresh air. If the weather is warm, however, you should not take the chance of harming your pet. The air inside a parked vehicle can quickly rise to dangerous levels, even on only moderately warm days. 

Whether its money, pet care, or traveling tips, we have all the information you need right here at West Oaks in San Antonio, Texas. We invite you to enhance your lifestyle with these helpful tips! 

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